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TiCtOG Space Management

TiCtOG Space Management (TGSM) is a complex solution for centralized management and monitoring of your TiCtOG thin clients, which is developed and distributed by OldanyGroup. Customers, who purchase (or have purchased) 4 or more TiCtOG thin clients have the possibility to download and use this software for free of charge.

TiCtOG Space Management is a multi-user and role-based application solution consisting of three components. Their mutual bond is based on client-server architecture. The solution is easy to integrate to your enterprise IT infrastructure – server component and console installation is done by a few clicks in standard installation wizard interface. TGSM Console or TGSM Server applications are not demanding on hardware configuration and you can run them on OS Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 or 8, or Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008. TGSM Console and Server can be installed on 32 or 64-bit operating system architecture.

The main component that you will use the most is TGSM Console. The console component user interface is built with emphasis on clarity, availability of necessary functions and indicators with the option of personalization of the visualization elements. When you first start the console you will see help browser with the „Getting Started“ topic which will guide you through basic management tasks. With these you can immediately start managing your TiCtOG thin clients in your enterprise infrastructure.

The solution consists of 3 basic components:

  • TGSM Server
    Central component of the system which continuously communicates with thin clients and provides communication with the user.
  • TGSM Agent
    Service running on thin client.
  • TGSM Console
    User console for device management.

Dialog přihlášení uživatele na TiCtOG Space Management ServerIlustrace hlavního okna aplikace TiCtOG Space Management ConsoleOkno editoru konfiguračních šablon
Okno ilustrující proces vyhledávání tenkých klientů v sítiOkno prohlížeče repozitářeOkno správce uživatelských účtů

Additional information

Detailed description

Components of the TiCtOG Space Management solution

TGSM Server

  • The central component of this solution which communicates with TiCtOG thin clients under its management. Mediates batch processing tasks entered by user via the console (TGSM Console). Run of the TGSM Server is absolutely maintenance-free, while the system overhead is practically negligible in compare to other solutions.
  • TGSM Server has implemented its own HTTP server which serves as an integrated file repository for the distribution of firmware and for saving the reports about thin clients.
  • All status data which arise from interaction between TGSM Server and TGSM Agent or TGSM Console are saved in local integrated database that requires no software prerequisites.

TGSM Agent

  • Factory integrated component in firmware of the TiCtOG thin client, ensuring interaction with the operating system, communication and transfer of information between the thin client and TGSM Server.

TGSM Console

  • Graphical user interface for administrators to interact with TGSM Server and thin clients. No data are stored on the side of this component, so you can run one or more instances of it in the same time and it will always be providing actual data about thin clients. The data are delivered from central storage database of TGSM Server.
  • Console offers wide range of features which are needed for effective management of TiCtOG thin clients. TGSM Console simplifies common management activities – deploying new firmware on thin clients or changing the administrator password of the operating system. Everything useful is right at your fingertips.

Other features of TGSM Space Management Console

  • Searching and adding new thin clients into the management of TGSM Server
    When you deploy new thin client into your enterprise network, at first you need to find it by its IP address (or by specified range of IP addresses) and then you add it to the management of TGSM Server.
  • Monitoring and reporting the status of managed devices
    Environment of TGSM Console offers many useful indicators of the TiCtOG thin clients status. If you want to know more, you can use the reporting feature that gives you detailed report about the device status in a clear form. You can view this report in integrated repository browser.
  • Possibility of sorting thin clients to user-defined group hierarchy
    In case that your company has a large amount of thin clients, the requirements on its administration can be very demanding.  TGSM Console enables you to create a hierarchical model of user-definable groups.
  • Remote on/off/restart of devices from environment of the user console (Wake on Lan)
  • Remote support of user with VNC protocol 
    Possibility of using the UltraVNC application enables IT administrators to remotely help users in situation that requires an intervention of specialist. UltraVNC Server is factory preinstalled on every TiCtOG device with original firmware.
  • Possibility of making batch configuration tasks that can be scheduled on certain time
    It isn’t necessary to operate each device one by one, you can configure managed thin clients from one place according to current requirements. Due to the scheduling option, all of the mentioned configuration tasks can be scheduled on certain time when the impact on the continuity and costs of your business is minimized.
  • TGSM Console currently provides these configuration tasks:
    • Update/reinstall of the firmware
    • Configuration of the network adapter
    • Setup of the Administrator account password
    • Configuration of the name of the device for identification in the network
    • Setup of the access passwords for UltraVNC server on thin clients
    • Configuration of the preinstall application of the thin client: VMware View Client, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (access to the remote desktop), Citrix XenDesktop Client, Internet Explorer, …


TGSM Server: Instalation and configuration (CZ)

TGSM Console: Instalation and configuration (CZ)

TGSM Console: Basic Tasks (CZ)

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