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VMware virtualization - basic information

Virtualization = computing resources abstraction, partitioning of one physical system

Thanks to virtualization we can use one resource (resource can be one whole server or its components – processor, memory, network card, data storage) for more than one OS.

There are several types of virtualization. However, for us the “full virtualization” is important  because it leads to hardware simulation, which allows you to run operating systems without additional modifications, as if they were running on the full hardware.

Virtual architecture

For simplifying, you can imagine virtual machine as if you made ISO image from CD/DVD, then copy it to disk and connect it with special software like another CD/DVD unit.

VM can be also copied as if it was another file and then run under virtualization software.

Deploy options

  • Hosted (suitable only for desktop and development environment for individuals)
  • Hypervisor (bare-metal, native)

Hosted architecture

Hosted architecture is implemented using the running operating system (Linux, Windows, ...). Under it, there is software installed that ensures the virtualization layer (note: this is not an OS-level virtualization) and under that the virtual machines are running. An example of such software is VMware Workstation, VMware Server, Sun (Oracle) VirtualBox, Microsoft Virtual PC.

Hypervisor (bare-metal, native) architecture

A hypervisor (a robot) is installed on hardware (or run from USB flash/SD card) and it becomes the virtualization layer. Under it, the virtual machines are running. An example of hypervisor can be VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) server that is a part of VMware vSphere.

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