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Windows systems management

The vast majority of corporate infrastructure is built on the Windows Server platform. Companies are dependent on this infrastructure, and for many of them it is a strategic part of their entire business.

That is why it is really important to ensure seamless run of the infrastructure while maintaining the smooth running of the company and preventing potential failures to save the business costs.

Through our experts, we offer you our services for the management of Windows systems on Windows Server platforms (all types).

We focus on these areas in the Windows systems management:

  • infrastructure systems (AD, DNS, DHCP)
  • mail systems (MS Exchange)
  • database servers (MS SQLServer)
  • servers for running information systems on Windows
  • terminal servers
  • data filing
  • backup

We offer these services 24/7, when we monitor the systems and in case of a problem we perform assured action.

We are focused on server management in data centers or in branches of companies.

We recommend virtualizing your systems.

If you are interested in virtualization or you want to know more, you can contact us via contact form or you can leave us your contact and we will contact you back.

We use those companies technology: WMWARE Partner VEEAM Gold Pro Partner DELL Partner Direct IBM Business Partner Microsoft Small Business Specialist HP Aruba

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